October 1-3, 2019

Bespoke / San Francisco, CA

Talks at InfluxDays San Francisco 2019

Where Flux and InfluxDB Are Headed

Paul Dix, Founder and CTO | InfluxData

How to Build a Monitoring Application in 20 Minutes

Russ Savage, Director of Product Management | InfluxData

Getting Ready to Move to InfluxDB 2.0

Tim Hall, VP of Products | InfluxData

Streaming Sensor Data with Grafana and InfluxDB

Ryan McKinley, VP of Innovation | Grafana

Transitioning Diagnostics from an Expert-First to a Metrics-First Approach

Herminio Vazquez, Machine Learning Engineer | ING Bank Netherlands

Monitoring and Alerting with InfluxDB 2.0

Nate Isley, Senior Director of Product Management | InfluxData & Deniz Kusefoglu, Software Engineer | InfluxData

How Robinhood Built a Real-Time Anomaly Detection System to Monitor and Mitigate Risk

Allison Wang, Software Engineer | Robinhood

The Telegraf Toolbelt: It Can Do That, Really?

David Flanagan, DevRel Manager | InfluxData

The InfluxDB 2.0 Storage Engine

Jacob Marble, Software Engineer | InfluxData

InfluxDB 101 – Concepts and Architecture

Michael DeSa, Software Engineer | InfluxData

Increasing Reuse and Time to Awesome by Using Flux Packages

Nathaniel Cook, Member of Technical Staff | InfluxData

IoT Event Processing and Analytics with InfluxDB in Google Cloud

Christoph Bussler, Solutions Architect | Google, Inc.

Extending Flux to Support Other Databases and Data Stores

Adam Anthony, Developer | InfluxData

Scaling Prometheus Metrics in Kubernetes with Telegraf

Chris Goller, Architect | InfluxData

How to Deliver a Critical and Actionable Customer-Facing Metrics Product with InfluxDB

Cullen Murphy, Site Reliability Engineer | Particle

Lessons Learned: Running InfluxDB Cloud and Other Cloud Services at Scale

Tim Hall, VP of Products | InfluxData

Testing and Monitoring and Broken Things

Nikki Cornell (Attea), Software Engineer | Sensu

InfluxData Architecture for IoT

Noah Crowley, DevRel | InfluxData

InfluxDB Enterprise Architectural Patterns

Craig Hobbs, Sales Engineer | InfluxData

Optimizing InfluxDB Performance in the Real World

Sam Dillard, Sales Engineer | InfluxData

Development and Applications of Distributed IoT Sensors for Intermittent Connectivity Environments

Kevin Claytor, Research Physicist | US Army Research Laboratory

When Holt-Winters is Better Than ML

Anais Dotis-Georgiou, Developer Advocate | InfluxData

InfluxDB Client Libraries and Applications

Miroslav Malecha, Director of Product Management | Bonitoo

Creating and Using the Flux SQL Datasource

Katy Farmer, DevRel | InfluxData