InfluxDays North America 2020 Virtual Experience

November 10-11, 2020

Talks at InfluxDays North America 2020

InfluxDays Opening Remarks

Evan Kaplan, CEO | InfluxData

InfluxDays Opening Keynote

Paul Dix, Founder and CTO | InfluxData

InfluxDB Platform Performance

Ryan Betts, VP Engineering | InfluxData

How Discover Modernizes Observability with InfluxDB Cloud

Kurt Schneider, Domain Architect – Observability | Discover Financial

How Can I Put That Dashboard in My App?

Barbara Nelson, Head of Applications | InfluxData

InfluxDB Tasks – Beyond Downsampling

Scott Anderson, Senior Technical Writer and Documentation Team Technical Lead | InfluxData

InfluxDB Roadmap

Tim Hall, VP of Products | InfluxData

Top 10 Hurdles for Flux Beginners

Anais Dotis-Georgiou, Developer Advocate | InfluxData
Faith Chikwekwe, Software Engineer on the Flux Team | InfluxData

How InfluxDB Helps Vera C. Rubin Observatory Make the Deepest, Widest Image of the Universe

Frossie Economou, Technical Manager | Vera C. Rubin Observatory
Angelo Fausti, Software Engineer | Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Flux Queries in Grafana 7

Ronald McCollam, Solutions Engineer | Grafana Labs

Path to InfluxDB 2.0: Seamlessly Migrate Your 1.x Data, Dashboards, Alerts and Tasks

Balaji Palani, Director, Product Management | InfluxData

InfluxDB Community Update

Michael Hall, Community Manager | InfluxData

Security Monitoring in the Time Series Domain

Darin Fisher, Security Tools Manager | InfluxData

Machine Learning with Telegraf Execd Processor Plugin

Anais Dotis-Georgiou, Developer Advocate | InfluxData
Steven Soroka, Software Engineer | InfluxData

RESTful API – How to Consume, Extract, Store, and Visualize Data with InfluxDB and Grafana

Jorge de la Cruz, Systems Engineer | Veeam Software | InfluxAce

Best Practices on How to Transform Your Data Using Telegraf and Flux

Samantha Wang, Product Manager | InfluxData

Visualizing InfluxDB 2.0 Dashboards

Rick Spencer, Head of Platform | InfluxData
Wojciech Kocjan, Software Engineer | InfluxData

Trust and the Internet of Things

Mrinal Wadhwa, CTO | Ockam

Introduction to the APN Technical Baseline Review

Mansi Vaghela, Partner Solutions Architect | AWS

The Power of Infinite Choice

Steve Litras, Lead Evangelist | Cribl

Role of Time Series Historian in Industry 4.0

Ergin Tuganay, Partner & Head of Industry 4.0 | Nortal

Streaming Real-Time Cryptocurrency Exchange Metrics

Ivo Galic, Solution Architect | Google