Nate Haugo

Director of Engineering, InfluxData

Nate Haugo is currently a Director of Engineering at InfluxData. Nate holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from the University of Utah.

Talk Title: Kubernetes Monitoring with InfluxDB 2.0 and Flux 

Nate will dig deep into how to monitor Kubernetes with InfluxDB using lessons learned from building and running InfluxDB Cloud on Kubernetes. He will cover what metrics should be collected, when to use push and pull metric collection, and the role that Prometheus plays in any K8s monitoring environment.

Talk Title: Lessons Learned: Running InfluxDB Cloud and Other Cloud Services at Scale 

In this session, Jim Walsh, our SVP Engineering and Nathan Haugo, Director of Engineering will cover principles, learnings, and practical advice from operating multiple cloud services at scale, including of course our InfluxDB Cloud service. What do we monitor, what do we alert on, and how did we architect it all? What are our underlying architectural and operational principles?