InfluxDays North America 2021 Virtual Experience


October 26-27, 2021 / 9 am - 1 pm PT

Call for Papers is now open!

We are looking for great speakers for InfluxDays North America 2021 Virtual Experience.

If you would like to speak, please submit your speaker application.

Some topics we feel would be a great fit are the following:

  • Your InfluxDB platform, Flux and InfluxDB IOx expertise – lessons learned, architecture built, and results achieved
  • Extending the InfluxData platform with machine learning and anomaly detection capabilities
  • How you built your IoT, analytics and monitoring application – whether using the client libraries, Telegraf plugins, or your custom visualizations
  • Running InfluxData across interesting deployment topologies – multi-datacenter, availability zones, or thin clients and gateways
  • Advice and guidance on top visualizations (in Grafana, Giraffe Libraries or other visualization engines) that provide better observability
  • Creating Telegraf plugins and InfluxDB Templates