Maksim Vazhenin

Maksim Vazhenin

Software Sr Principal Engineer at Dell Technologies

Maksim is a tech lead of the Monitoring team in Dell EMC ECS Enterprise Object Storage. He is the main person behind rebooting the whole monitoring stack in ECS and now for implementing it for the Kubernetes-based platform.

Maksim led development of key components for Software Defined/DIY ECS deployment model and also was actively involved in the customer beta program and on-site support activities to bring ECS DIY to production for one of the largest ECS customers.

Current role of technical lead in ECS monitoring team allows Maksim to drive adaptation of modern monitoring solutions for internal storage monitoring on traditional ECS appliances as well as implementing monitoring solution for Dell EMC ObjectScale storage running on kubernetes in VMware Cloud Foundation.

Talk Title: InfluxDB for Storage System Monitoring

This talk tells the story of how Dell switched its internal monitoring system shipped with Dell EMC ECS Enterprise Object Storage from a home-grown monitoring system to InfluxDB-based stack. The session will cover the following topics:

  • Lessons learned on completely changing the monitoring stack on the shipped system while doing continuous releases
  • Building a separate service running Flux language which connects to InfluxDB instances
  • Running multiple InfluxDB instances for HA
  • Using Flux language for Grafana dashboards and alerting rules
  • How to control metrics ingest rate and cardinality to have predictable resource consumption
  • Shipping InfluxDB with storage system for internal monitoring and running InfluxDB with low memory constraints (3Gb)