Deniz Kusefoglu

Software Engineer, InfluxData

Deniz graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Chicago, and began her graduate studies in Computational Neuroscience at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and the Vollum Institute. Her graduate work was data analysis intensive and resulted in two publications, one in the prestigious journal Neuron. During spring of 2017, she attended the Recurse Center in NYC and focused on learning how to build applications in JavaScript and Python. She now works on the applications team at InfluxData, building out visualization and UI elements to InfluxDB applications.

Talk Title: Monitoring and Alerting with InfluxDB 2.0

In this talk we’ll go over the new UI and API in InfluxDB 2.0 to create complex monitoring, alerting and notification rules. We’ll start with the easy on-ramp via the user interface and then dig into how the setup and management of monitoring and alerting can be driven through code and the API.