Albert Zaragoza

CTO & Head of Engineering | Worldsensing

At Worldsensing, Albert is in charge of further developing both the company’s solution and device businesses. With the software teams, he focuses on continuously extending the core technology the company uses to create custom-built solutions for the Smart Construction and Smart City industries. Applications powered by OneMind, the intelligent IoT solution builder, enable critical infrastructure operators, construction project managers and city operators to act based on a common, single source of truth and make decisions based on real-time data insights.

While the software solutions teams are involved in delivering projects around the globe, Albert is working with the engineers who are part of the device teams to further strengthen the market position of Worldsensing’s wireless monitoring system, Loadsensing. With over 30,000 deployments across 50 countries, Loadsensing is the globally leading system used to monitor risks at critical infrastructures such as tunnel construction projects and mines.

Talk Title: Worldsensing: A Real World Use Case for Flux 

Albert Zaragoza from Worldsensing will be sharing how he and his team built an end-to-end IoT solution for cities — from traffic flow management and smart parking to emergency & security response and critical infrastructure monitoring. He will focus this talk on how they used Flux to pull together lots of data sources into their real-time platform to provide alerts to the many constituents of the data.