November 14.2017  |  SAN FRANCISCO

We held a number of workshop sessions that were fun and informative.

Let’s code: A detailed review of the Influx Functional Query Language

Abstract: Paul announced the open sourcing of IFQL and wanted to provide our users with a chance to get a deep dive this new technology. Users spent the day learning how IFQL was built, how to build queries and to help contribute to this project.

Speaker: Paul Dix, Co-Founder and CTO, and the IFQL dev team: Nathaniel Cook, Chris Goller, Ryan Betts

Training: Advanced Kapacitor

Abstract: In this session, you’ll get a detailed review of Kapacitor, InfluxDB’s native data processing engine.

  • TICKscript fundamentals
  • Using templates
  • ComplexTICKscript operations
  • Topic handlers
  • The newTICKscript/task additions
  • DebuggingTICKscript issues
  • Downsampling framework with Kapacitor using Telelgraf data

Speaker: Michael DeSa, Software Engineer

How we run containers in InfluxCloud

Abstract: InfluxCloud is the InfluxDB managed as a service designed and managed by InfluxData. It uses Amazon Web Service as the cloud provider and we are currently running 1400 EC2 instances across 14 regions. It also uses CoreOS and Docker to distribute and manage containers across the entire infrastructure. 6136 is the number of running containers now (03/Nov/2017). During this talk, Gianluca shares his experience with running the TICK stack inside containers for almost 21 months.

Speaker: Gianlucca Arbrezzano, Site Reliability Engineer

Building a monitoring platform for your IoT device

Abstract: David walked everyone through a typical data architecture for an IoT device. Then, he helped everyone be a hands-on workshop an gathered data from the sensors, displayed them on a dashboard and triggered alerts based on thresholds that were set.

Speaker: David Simmons, IoT Developer Evangelist

InfluxEnterprise Internal Essentials

Abstract: Ryan walked a group of users thru a detailed review of the InfluxDB internals. He also shared his best practices for keeping your InfluxEntperprise clusters working efficiently and highly available.

Speaker: Ryan Betts, Director of Engineering