NA 2021 Virtual Experience

October 26-27, 2021

Talks at InfluxDays EMEA 2021 Virtual Experience

InfluxDays Opening Remarks

Evan Kaplan, CEO | InfluxData

InfluxDays Keynote: Future of InfluxDB

Paul Dix, Founder and CTO | InfluxData

InfluxDays Keynote: InfluxDB Roadmap

Tim Hall, VP of Products | InfluxData

TeleHealth Platform: DevOps-Based Progressive Delivery

Bhagvan Kommadi, Director of Product Engineering | Value Momentum

Transforming Email Reports into Self-Serving Dashboards & Detecting Anomalies In-Stream

Vijeta Hingorani, Technical Platform Owner; Milos Pavkovic, ML Team Lead; Mladen Maric, Software Developer; Marina Svicevic, ML Software Developer | Socialgist

InfluxDB Quickstart

Russ Savage, Product Manager | Ngrok

How WP Engine Transformed Monitoring Into an Observability Platform with InfluxDB

Tanny Ng, Senior Product Manager; Nadeem Syed, Senior Staff Software Engineer | WP Engine

Data Collection 101

Alan Pope, Developer Advocate; Sebastian Spaink, Software Engineer | InfluxData

Flux Alerts and Notifications

Scott Anderson, Senior Technical Writer, Tech Lead | InfluxData

InfluxDays Keynote: InfluxDB Engineering Update

Ryan Betts, VP of Engineering | InfluxData

How Red Hat Uses gNMI, Telegraf and InfluxDB to Gain Network Visibility

Martin Moucka, Principal Network Engineer | Red Hat

Using FLaNK with InfluxDB for EdgeAI IoT at Scale

Timothy Spann, Developer Advocate | StreamNative

Observability with InfluxDB IOx and OpenTelemetry

Jacob Marble, Software Engineer | InfluxData

Learn Flux by Example

Anais Dotis-Georgiou, Developer Advocate | InfluxData

InfluxDB in an IoT Application Architecture

Brian Gilmore, Director of Product Management, IoT | InfluxData

InfluxDB Community Update

Michael Hall, Community Manager | InfluxData

Migrating from OSS to InfluxDB Cloud

Ana-Maria Calin, Senior Software Engineer, Deployments Team | InfluxData

Going Underground with InfluxDB

Tobias Braun, Software Architect | Herrenknecht AG

MQTT – Machine Data Collection | Eldor Corporation

Volkan Balikci, Automation New Technologies Engineer; Nilden Tutalar, Data Engineer; Uygar Zubari, Automation New Technologies Senior Engineer, IIoT Engineer, | Eldor Corporation

How Not to Build an SLO Platform

Alex Nauda, Chief Technology Officer | Nobl9

How to Get Data Into InfluxDB

Ayush Tiwari, Sr. IoT Product Manager | PTC