London 2020 Virtual Experience

23-24 June 2020

Talks at InfluxDays London 2020

InfluxDays Opening Keynote

Paul Dix, Founder and CTO | InfluxData

Reframing and Retooling for Observability

James Governor, Principal Analyst & Co-Founder | Redmonk

History of Monitoring at Volvo Cars

Daniel Putz, Product Owner; DevOps Enablement and Maksim Puzykov, Engineer | Volvo

Best Practices for Data Ingestion into InfluxDB

Barbara Nelson, Head of Applications | InfluxData

InfluxDB Roadmap

Tim Hall, VP of Products | InfluxData

Grafana and InfluxDB

Ryan McKinley, VP of Innovation | Grafana Labs

Detecting Subway Overcrowding in Real Time Using InfluxDB

Jeremy Foran, Technology Specialist – CoE Data | BAI Communications

Zero to Awesome Infrastructure with InfluxDB Templates

Johnny Steenbergen, Tech Lead User Tools Team | InfluxData

Tools for Working with Flux Now and in the Future

Brandon Farmer, Senior Engineer | InfluxData

IoT Event Processing and Analytics with InfluxDB in Google Cloud

Christoph Bussler, Solutions Architect | Google Cloud

Git Lost in Time Series

David Flanagan, Developer Advocate | InfluxData

Role of Time Series Historian in Industry 4.0

Ergin Tuganay, Partner & Head of Industry 4.0 | Nortal

Istio at InfluxData

Giacomo Tirabassi, SRE | InfluxData

Real-Time Streaming Analytics with 100,000 Cars using MQTT, Kafka and InfluxDB 2.0 on Kubernetes

Kai Waehner, Technology Evangelist | Confluent

Monitoring Methodologies

Michael DeSa, Eng. Manager | InfluxData

Sustain Your Observability from Bare Metal TICK Stack and Apps to a Kubernetes World

Nicolas Steinmetz, Architect & DevOps/SRE and Time Series consultant | CérénIT

Map & Reduce – The Powerhouses of Custom Flux Functions

Scott Anderson, Technical Writer | InfluxData

Performance Optimization in InfluxDB

Sam Dillard, Solutions Engineer | InfluxData

Build Modern Monitoring with InfluxDB and AWS

Shashi Raina, Partner Solution Architect | AWS and Al Sargent, Senior Director of Product Marketing | InfluxData

Deploy, Monitor and Manage Your High-Value AI Workloads to the Edge, Using Azure IoT Edge and InfluxData

Spyros Garyfallos, Senior ML Engineer | Microsoft