Sean Porter

Co-founder and CTO, Sensu

Sean Porter is the creator of Sensu, the open source monitoring tool, and the co-founder and CTO of Sensu Inc. Sean is a seasoned systems operator and software developer with nearly a decade of experience in automating infrastructure. As CTO of Sensu Inc, he oversees the development of Sensu, and works with users to better understand how Sensu can help them solve complex monitoring problems. Outside of work, he collects photography equipment, scotch whiskey, and Warhammer 40k miniatures.

Talk Title:  Data Collection & Prometheus Scraping with Sensu 2.0

Applications are complex systems. Their many moving parts, component and dependency services, may span any number of infrastructure technologies and platforms, from bare metal to serverless. As the number of services increases, teams responsible for them will naturally develop their own preferences, such as how they instrument their code or how and when they receive alerts.

Sean will demonstrate how Sensu 2.0 is designed to collect monitoring and telemetry data from these heterogeneous environments and store them in InfluxDB. Sensu 2.0 is the next release of the open source monitoring framework, rewritten in Go, with new capabilities and reduced operational overhead. Using Sensu alongside InfluxDB, Sean will go over various patterns of data collection, including scraping Prometheus metrics, and show how Sensu enables self-service data collection for service owners.