Ryan Betts

Director of Engineering, InfluxData

Ryan is the Director of Engineering at InfluxData responsible for the core database platform. Prior to InfluxData, Ryan was the second employee and CTO at VoltDB. VoltDB provides an in-memory database for applications that require an unprecedented combination of data scale, volume, and accuracy. Prior to VoltDB, Ryan spent time in various leadership roles at IBM and Lucent Technologies. Ryan is an alumnus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Talk Title: InfluxData Internals

InfluxData builds a Time Series Platform primarily deployed for DevOps and IoT monitoring. This talk presents several lessons learned while scaling the platform across a large number of deployments—from single server open source instances to highly available high-throughput clusters.

This talk presents a number of failure conditions that informed subsequent design choices. Ryan will discuss designing backpressure in an AP system with 10’s of thousands of resource-limited writers; trade-offs between monolithic and service-oriented database implementations; and lessons learned implementing multiple query processing systems.

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