Margo Schaedel

DevRel, InfluxData

Margo is a software developer from Denver, CO where she recently completed the front-end engineering program at the Turing School of Software and Design. Her decision to transition into software development stems from a keen thirst for new challenges, an affinity for problem-solving, and a significant alignment to community-driven growth. When not firmly planted in front of the computer coding, you can find her eating her way through Denver, rushing to hike the next 14er, or skipping off to the coast for scuba diving the big blue.

Talk Title:  Chronograf and Dashboarding

This hands-on session will explore the Chronograf project. Chronograf is the user interface component of the TICK Stack. You will learn on how to set up Chronograf, building your first set of dashboards, creating TICK scripts, setting alerts, and finally how to monitor and manage your InfluxData installation. Finally a brief overview of how to set up multi-user Chronograf will be discussed.