Lorenzo Fontana


Lorenzo Fontana is an SRE at InfluxData where he works on tooling, scaling and performance of InfluxCloud. He’s passionate about distributed systems, software defined networking, Linux and performance analysis. He divides himself between his daily job and open source contributions to projects he’s interested in.

Talk Title: Distributed Performance Analysis Using InfluxDB and the Linux eBPF Virtual Machine

Since the release of the Linux kernel 4.x series, a lot of enhancements have reached mainline to the eBPF ecosystem giving us the capability to do a lot more than just network stuff. The purpose of this talk is to provide an initial understanding on what eBPF programs are and how to hook the output of eBPF programs to InfluxDB in order to answer targeted questions at the cluster level and very specific fine-grained situations happening in our programs like:

  • Has that function in my program been called?
  • For a given function, which arguments have been passed to it? And what did it return?
  • Which TCP packets are being retransmitted?
  • What are the queries running slow?
  • What are some insights on programming language events/gc?
  • Has that file been opened?