Karl Daman

Software Engineer, Capital One

Karl Daman is currently a Software Engineer at Capital One, focused on using complex datasets to gain useful business and technical insights to proactively address incidents that could have a negative impact on Capital One’s business. Karl is a big fan of Linux, open source and the Go and Java programming languages and enjoys working with technology in general. Karl has a BS in Computer Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Talk Title: Why Architecting for Disaster Recovery is Important for Your Time Series Data 

Time Series data at Capital One consists of Infrastructure, Application, and Business Process Metrics. The combination of these metrics are what the internal stakeholders rely on for observability which allows them to deliver better service and uptime for their customers, so protecting this critical data with a proven and tested recovery plan is not a “nice to have” but a “must have.”

In this talk, the members of IT staff, Saravanan Krisharaju, Rajeev, and Karl will share how they built a fault-tolerant solution based on InfluxEnterprise and AWS that collects and stores metrics and events. They added to this, Machine Learning, which uses the collected time series to model predictions which are then brought back into InfluxDB for real time access. The team shares the journey they took to architect and build this solution as well as plan and execute on their disaster recovery plan.