Colin Breck

Staff Software Engineer, Tesla

Colin Breck has almost two decades of experience in developing time-series infrastructures for the monitoring and control of industrial applications. At Tesla, he works on distributed systems for the monitoring, aggregation, and control of distributed, renewable-energy assets. Previously, he worked on the PI System at OSIsoft, including the time-series database and publish-subscribe infrastructure. He writes monthly at

Talk Title:  From a Time-Series Database to a Key Operational Technology for the Enterprise

It is important for a time-series database to provide efficient storage, aggregation, and query of time-series data. Elevating a time-series database to a core operational technology of the enterprise, however, involves so much more. In this talk, I will explore important considerations that take a time-series database from being just another data-store, to a critical infrastructure for operational intelligence. I will explore challenges related to time, change management, incorporating asset models from the business domain, and integration with other operational technologies, like streaming-data platforms.