Chris Goller

Architect, InfluxData

As an Architect with 20 years of experience, Chris Goller brings tremendous energy and expertise to InfluxData. In particular, Chris likes to try out using new technologies and sharing his learnings with the staff at InfluxData as well as with the community.

Talk Title: Scaling Prometheus Metrics in Kubernetes with Telegraf

Scaling Prometheus in Kubernetes seems easy with service-discovery, but quickly devolves into manual DevOps snowflake setup. Additionally, a single developer is able to overwhelm a federated Prometheus setup and impact the system as a whole without being able to self-service debug. In this talk, Chris will focus on a variety of architectures using Telegraf to scale scraping in Kubernetes and empower developers.He’ll describe his experiences around scaling /metrics in the microservices of InfluxData’s Cloud 2.0 Kubernetes system…as he was the single developer that added just one more label…