Adam Wegrzynek

Senior Engineer, CERN

Adam is a Senior Engineer at CERN laboratory located near Geneva, Switzerland. He works for the Data Acquisition team in the heavy-ion physics experiment – ALICE. He’s responsible for the Monitoring system and Web UI framework, deals with performance tuning of high throughput distributed systems and spreads best practices among JavaScript and C++ based projects. Prior to CERN, Adam worked as Senior Specialist at Innovation Division of Orange Labs. He holds a master’s degree with major in Telecommunication from Warsaw University of Technology.

Talk Title: InfluxDB at CERN and Its Experiments

The presentation gives an overview on how InfluxDB is involved in the CERN critical projects such as monitoring of accelerator systems, experiments and data centers. It goes into details of the monitoring system upgrade of one of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) experiments – ALICE. In order to ensure high efficiecy of the experiment 2000 nodes processing data at 3.4 TB/s are constantly monitored which leads to incredible 600 kHz metric rate. These metrics are collected and aggregated by Flume and Spark and eventually stored in the InfluxDB database, which was selected in an extensive evaluation process.

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