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Would you like to share your knowledge with the best and brightest in the industry? We are looking for great speakers!

Topics we feel would be a great fit are:

  • Using InfluxDB and sharing your lessons learned, the architecture you deployed, and the results you achieved
  • Building IoT applications and deriving insight from IoT data
  • Extending the InfluxData platform with machine learning, anomaly detection, rules engines and other user-defined functions (UDFs)
  • Providing practical advice and guidance on top visualizations (in Grafana or other visualization engines) that are providing better observability
  • Monitoring the full stack – real examples and design patterns on how to monitor application, infrastructure, and business process data
  • Running InfluxData across interesting deployment topologies – multi-datacenter, availability zones, or thin clients and gateways
  • Using InfluxDB with your Kubernetes & Prometheus deployments
  • Writing a Telegraf plugin

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