InfluxDays Challenge

Show off your InfluxDB skills and have some fun at InfluxDays.


Ready for some extra fun at InfluxDays EMEA? Join the InfluxDays Challenge to show off your knowledge, meet some new people and get a chance to score some special InfluxData swag.

contest details

The challenge involves a number of InfluxData-related activities so that participants can learn or show off their existing skills in InfluxDB Cloud:
  • Each challenge task will be worth a set number of points.
  • To score points, upload a screenshot of your progress for each step to the challenge’s Slack channel. The more tasks you complete, the more points you earn.
  • InfluxData team members might drop hints or helpful links in the contest channel.
  • Keep in mind that our judges can award additional style points for creativity.
  • Tasks marked with (*) are designed to challenge more advanced users.

challenge items

  1. Enter the competition by joining the #influxdays-challenge slack channel. (0 pt)
  2. Sign up for InfluxDB Cloud (10 pt)
  3. Load some kind of data into the platform (at a regular interval) (screenshot of data explorer). Earn bonus points for loading data in more than one way. Tip: Air Quality Data
    1. InfluxDB Template (screenshot of the dashboard) (10 pt)
    2. Telegraf (screenshot of data explorer) (10 pt)
    3. Annotated CSV or line protocol from the UI (one time ingest) (screenshot of the UI confirmation) (10 pt)
      1. Tip: Data > Load Data
    4. *Flux* (one-time ingest) (screenshot of flux query) (15 pt) Hint: more docs
    5. *Regular CSV with the CLI* (15pt)
  4. Create a task in the platform (screenshot of the task run log, or slack notice)
    1. Create a Deadman check on data flowing into bucket and deactivate it (10pt)
    2. Create a Threshold check on data flowing into bucket and deactivate it (10pt)
    3. Configure a Notification Rule and a Notification Endpoint. (10pt). Hint: Tech Tips blog
    4. *Create a custom check and run it as a task and deactivate it.* (15pt). Hint: Checks and Notifications blog post
    5. *Create a task that transforms your data and deactivate it* (15pt)
  5. Build a Flux query to join, transform or spatially map your data (screenshot the code or visualization). Bonus points for more than one Flux function used. Hint: earthquake_usgs
    1. Filter with conditional logic (10pt)
    2. map() (10pt)
    3. join() (10pt)
    4. fieldsAsCol() or pivot() (10pt)
    5. *reduce()* (10pt) Hint: Tech Tips blog
    6. *findRecord()* (10pt) Hint: Tech Tips blog
    7. *Any function from the Flux Geo Package* (10pt) Hint: more docs
  6. Build a notebook and downsample the data (screenshot notebook) (10pt)
  7. Create a dashboard to visualize the data. Note: If using a pre-built InfluxDB Template, you must customize to make it unique (screenshot dashboard) (10pt)
  8. Fetch data via favorite coding language (screenshot of script) (10pt)
  9. Create a parameterized Flux query (10pt)
  10. Create a custom Flux function (10pt)


On Monday, May 17, everyone registered for InfluxDays EMEA (register for free here) will get an email with the full contest rules. This page will also be updated when the contest officially opens at 8 am BST on May 17.

Competitors have until Wednesday, May 19 at 9 AM BST to complete their submissions and post their final screenshots. Points will be tabulated, and contest winners will be recognized during InfluxDays on May 19 during the closing sessions.

Are you in? To participate in the challenge, join the #influxdays-challenge channel in the InfluxData Community Slack.


Can I work with another person as a team?

Of course! We hope people will partner up, as it’s a great way to meet other community members and learn new ways of doing things.

Will there be prizes?

Yes! There will be special InfluxData swag packs for winners.

I’m new to InfluxDB. Can I participate?

Absolutely, we’ve designed this challenge for all InfluxDB skill levels. We’ll also have members of the InfluxData team helping out to provide some tips and tricks along the way. If you’re new to InfluxDB, the starred tasks may not be for you.

Will I need an InfluxDB Cloud account to participate?

You will, but you can sign up for a free account here.

I’m stuck and need help?

Make sure you join the #influxdays-challenge Slack channel in the InfluxData Community Slack to get hints from the Influx team.